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Posts published in “Day: March 28, 2008”

Clinton – Bill – to Oregon

The Hillary Clinton campaign isn't waiting all that long before competing with the recent Barack Obama events that drew such strong local coverage. They're hitting first not with the candidate, but with the former president.

Bill Clinton visits Medford on Sunday afternoon, at Hedrick Middle School, and on Monday at Salem (location uncertain) and then at Bend, at Bend Senior High School. That information come via emails from the Clinton campaign.

Whither unaffiliated

Those watching party registration figures in Oregon this year know that Republican registration has dropped, but Democratic registration hasn't shown a comparable uptick. Instead, the increase has come in the ranks of the unaffiliated.

The Register Guard has a useful, thoughtful piece on this, with comments from a number of registrants.


Most recent legislative sessions in the Northwest have done something a little surprising - winding up either before or when they were expected to.

Why the current Idaho legislative session, originally expected to shut down well before the end of march and now expected to run well into next week, is taking longer than expected isn't completely clear. But it does seem to have slowed down its process to give more detailed considerations to a string of real issues, so that may not be such a bad thing.