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Unaccounted for

According to a list compiled at the Democratic Convention Watch, these are the Northwest superdelegates who have not yet announced a preference in the Obama-Clinton contest. There are also some unfilled spots which in some cases could go to a northwesterner. Upshot: Oregon could become a hotspot in the super stakes.

bullet Idaho (1). State Chair Keith Roark.

bullet Oregon (9). Senator Ron Wyden; Representatives David Wu and Peter DeFazio; Secretary of State Bill Bradbury; State Chair Meredith Wood-Smith and party officials Frank Dixon, Jenny Greenleaf and Wayne Kinney; member at large Gail Rasmussen.

bullet Washington (7). Representatives Rick Larsen and Jim McDermott; State Chair Dwight Pelz, Vice Chair Eileen Macoll and party officials Ed Cote, Sharon Mast and David McDonald.

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  1. Wayne Kinney Wayne Kinney March 26, 2008

    Unaccounted for? Geez, sounds as though we’re missing and can’t be found.
    I’ve been going around Oregon and giving presentations on how people run to be a delegate (I’ll be in Grants Pass and Medford Thursday night). I won’t be declaring until after I’m finished doing that and until after the Oregon primary is over.

  2. Jenny Greenleaf Jenny Greenleaf March 26, 2008

    There’s no accounting for you, Wayne!

    Randy…it’s Meredith Wood Smith. No “s,” no hyphen.

    And I’m decidedly uncommitted until I hear what the voters of Oregon have to say.

  3. Randy Stapilus Randy Stapilus Post author | March 27, 2008

    Intended, of course, as “unaccounted for” only as regards the presidential delegate totals, not otherwise. Doubtless this is a busy season for many.

    Sorry about the misspell (since corrected); the name was pulled directly from the sources, and should have been corrected then but wasn’t.

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