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Posts published in “Day: March 22, 2008”

A convenience shift

We see them all around and visit them regularly; convenience stores are ubiquitous. But did you ever wonder who owns them?

The answer mostly has been too complicated to contemplate. A lot of them are still owned by individual shopkeepers; it's one of the businesses not yet swept up into a handful of megachains. And yet there are some shifts.

So we read with interest today's story about the takeover of 62 convenience/gas station outlets in the Portland and Vancouver area by Idaho's Jackson Food Stores, based at Meridian. Jackson has been a successful and fast-growing operation mainly in southern Idaho, but gradually expanding elsewhere. The stores had been operated by Shell Oil Products, and entered into a deal with Jackson on their management.

So in a sense it's not really a consolidation of business. But it may be another of those subtle threads linking the Northwest together.

Absent, really

Larry Craig

Larry Craig

This is a little odd, a news story - in The Hill, the capitol newspaper - that a politician who had said he would retire this term, didn't file for the office. So how does that become news?

But the politician in question is Idaho Senator Larry Craig, and given his recent history, you can sort of understand.