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Posts published in “Day: March 16, 2008”

An early warning?

Toward the end of a report on Republican gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi speaking at a Pierce County Lincoln Day event, a couple of short paragraphs jumped out.

Not Rossi's neat line about his name-recognition difference between now and 2004: “In 2004, a good percentage of the people in this state did think Dino Rossi was some kind of wine. And a screw-top, at that.”

Rather a comment by Representative Dave Reichert:

He told audience members that if they knew Republicans considering voting for Barack Obama for president, they should tell them to reconsider.

“He is a liberal, and he will steal money out of your wallets and purses,” Reichert said.

The mere reference to Republican Obama voters at a Lincoln Day dinner just kinda hits you. And sounds pretty suggestive.