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Posts published in “Day: March 11, 2008”

But why need you read more?

There was this tag for a Betsy Russell compendium about the doings of the Idaho House, all of which happens to be good reading. But really, what more do you need than this tag on her blog?

Here’s a link to my full story on today’s Rev & Tax hearing and passage of the new grocery tax relief bill, in which Rep. Lenore Barrett, R-Challis, says, “If we go ahead with this bill, it would be like throwing a pound of hamburger to a junkyard dog to get him off your tail.” And you can click below to read a pair of stories from the AP’s John Miller today, one on how the House Health & Welfare Committee cut short a debate on an abortion bill so GOP members could catch a private plane to a partisan rally, and another on how 10 Republican lawmakers flew across the state for that party event on private planes owned by Frank VanderSloot and one of his closest associates, at a time when the Legislature is considering a bill VanderSloot is pushing regarding employee non-compete agreements. Hours after they returned on the planes, three of the lawmakers voted in favor of the bill.