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Posts published in “Day: March 9, 2008”

Under the radar in Seattle

We're always interested in those lesser-known names creating and pushing things that become important and sometimes even visible. The Seattle Times has a good piece today on one such - Gordon Bowker.

No, we'd not heard of him. But he's been around some interesting places in Seattle. The Times: "After co-founding Starbucks, he co-launched Redhook Ale Brewery and pushed David Brewster to start Seattle Weekly — investing in and freelancing for the tab. He served on the board of Childhaven, a nonprofit that cares for neglected and abused children, and renamed it."

He's been a quiet guy, and from the sounds of it the Times had to work for a while to persuade him to a sitdown. The resulting story may persuade you it was a good idea.

Spokane party matchups

Following up on an earlier map at the Spokesman-Review's web site - matching Obama and Clinton votes - there's a new one, matching up ballots cast for Republicans and Democrats.

It shows what you might suspect it shows. But it's well worth a look anyway.