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Posts published in “Day: March 8, 2008”

Evacuation plan

Those tsunami warning and tsunami route signs around the northern Oregon coast may need some readjustment, if today's news on new state geology estimates are anywhere near correct.

For example, in today's Oregonian story: "Cannon Beach built its new fire station in 1996 high enough to be outside the reach of a tsunami, based on inundation maps drawn up under a 1995 state law. But the new projections show that larger tsunamis driven by a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake would flood the fire station."

Not good news. Possibly better, though, than later still.

Spinning out the rumor

Falling into the category of speculation and rumor, to be sure, but nonetheless a fund read for the political junkies among us.

The core of it, via McCranium in the Tri-Cities, is what may happen when Republican Representative Shirley Hankins run again this year - or doesn't, as the case may be. The Tri-Cities doesn't often see a lot of highly watchable politics, but this post gives a suggestion of where some could, just maybe, develop.