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Getting testy

Idaho Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter last year made some odd miscalculations when it came to working with the Idaho Legislature. This year mostly seemed offto a better start, but his new transportation letter may cause some issues.

Faced with the need for massive upgrades (and there isn’t much debate that the need here is large-scale) in Idaho’s road system, and recognizing that most tax increase proposals (something Otter is loathe to embrace anyway) are DOA, the govenror tried something else: A massive increase in the state auto registration fee, to $150. You know: Just the sort of thing that led to the huge Tim Eyman tax revolt-by-initiative in Washington some years ago. Legislators have rebelled, loudly. And now Otter has pulled back his bills.

That isn’t the relationship glitch part. This is: The Idaho Statesman is reporting that Otter has sent a letter back to legislators, an angry letter. It indicates that the legislators are simply rejecting his leadership, although what’s going on here is a difference over policy – though if he wants a rejection, he could get one. Especially by adding this: “The response of some in the Legislature left the impression that they instead desire political cover behind which they can continue avoiding a difficult but necessary responsibility of government.”

Can this marriage be saved? Time could be running out.

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