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Noting the hired help

Steve Marks

Steve Marks

The second Democrat into the 5th District House race, Steve Marks, has a plenty interesting background, but what jumped out at us was a name from his list of advisors.

Marks, best known around Oregon as a chief of staff for former Governor John Kitzhaber, goes up against state Senator Kurt Schrader, who jumped in last week. (And one of them presumably will be up against either Mike Erickson or Kevin Mannix, who each seem to be after the Republican nomination; at present, they look to be the two most likely major contenders.) Schrader has a strong reputation as a legislator, and he’s a proven candidate, winning strongly in what had been considered Republican turf.

Marks may be able to pull in some of that Kitzhaber magic. But we also took note of this paragraph in his announcement statement: “Overseeing the Marks’ campaign is Joe Trippi who is heralded as the man who ‘reinvented campaigning’ by The New Republic. Most recently, Trippi worked with the John Edwards campaign. He earned a national reputation for his work on Howard Dean’s presidential campaign for his internet campaign inventions. Trippi knows the 5th Congressional District well, Marks noted, from Trippi’s previous work on behalf of Congresswoman Darlene Hooley.”

High-powered help with relevant Oregon background. We’ll be watching.

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