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A gas high

You may notice the high price for gas today in the Northwest is in Washington state, at $3.84 a gallon. Follow the link, and you learn a little more.

Follow the link, and you’ll learn it was reported Sunday at the Shell Station at Friday Harbor – one of the few fuel outlets well out into the San Juan Islands. So that higher price in such a location seems reasonable enough. And from there the high drops to $3.64, at three outlets at Leavenworth, which isn’t exactly in the heart of heavy traffic.

But we also find fairly high prices, in the upper $3.50s, at Bellingham, which ought to be on a main line. And some of the lowest prices statewide, at $3.19, are in Bremerton and Aberdeen, which on the basis of their location would seem to have some cause for being a little higher than average.

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