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Posts published in “Day: March 3, 2008”

A gas high

You may notice the high price for gas today in the Northwest is in Washington state, at $3.84 a gallon. Follow the link, and you learn a little more.

Follow the link, and you'll learn it was reported Sunday at the Shell Station at Friday Harbor - one of the few fuel outlets well out into the San Juan Islands. So that higher price in such a location seems reasonable enough. And from there the high drops to $3.64, at three outlets at Leavenworth, which isn't exactly in the heart of heavy traffic.

But we also find fairly high prices, in the upper $3.50s, at Bellingham, which ought to be on a main line. And some of the lowest prices statewide, at $3.19, are in Bremerton and Aberdeen, which on the basis of their location would seem to have some cause for being a little higher than average.

Day care, another day

Afew lines on today's rejection, in the Idaho Senate Health & Welfare Committee, of additional day care regulation.

From the Spokane Spokesman-Review: "Legislation to impose at least minimal regulations on all Idaho day cares, including those caring for four or more unrelated children, died in committee today for the fourth straight year. . . . Chairwoman Patti Anne Lodge, R-Huston, raised concerns about some provisions of the bill. Lodge said the measure didn’t adequately account for the cost of inspecting smaller Idaho day cares, which now go unregulated if they have fewer than seven unrelated children. . . . Last year, the House Health and Welfare Committee rejected the bill after members said mothers should stay home with their children."

Ungenerously, but maybe not unreasonably, in our e-mail, this: "I suppose if this bill was for out of State for-profit education companies, additional liquor licenses for Tamarack, bill helping wineries ..... it would have been supported .... safety protecting young children ... ah, maybe next time . . ."