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Posts published in “Day: March 2, 2008”

Emerald City, high and low

Seattle is skewing up and down - high income, low income - and rapidly losing its middle, according to an editorial in the Seattle Times today.

It doesn't sound like an overblown assessment. Worth reading.

Lobbying from all over

What follows will be no news to those who follow the lobbyist reporting records - nothing especially new or unusual. But those who don't follow such matters may not realize to extent to which state legislatures - the Idaho edition, in this case - get lobbied by interests from out of state.

Most organizations that send lobbyists are, of course, in-state; many of them are in-state associations and the like. But the roster from out of state is striking, even in states like Idaho where you might not expect a major presence. Almost two-thirds of the other states (33 of them) are listed as being the base for organizations hiring Idaho lobbyists. An abbreviated rundown follows:

bullet Arkansas. Wal-Mart, of course.

bullet Arizona. Four organizations (Development Planning & Financing Group, Johnson & Johnson, M3 Eagle and Rocky Mountain Propane Association) bring on lobbyists in Boise (mainly hiring local talent).

bullet California. 15 organizations reporting a California base show up here, mostly hiring Idaho contract lobbyists. These range from some firms with obvious Idaho connections, like Hewlett-Packard, to (UPS, Merck, State Farm, Phillip Morris) with more national interests. (more…)