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Posts published in “Day: February 26, 2008”

Reasons for recall

The mayor of Arlington, Oregon, has been recalled on a vote of 139-142, in large part because she once posted a picture - taken before she became mayor - dressed in what amounts to a swim suit.

Consider this another argument for reform of the recall law . . .

An open mind

You hear about it with corporations - having a specific culture, in which things happen in part because they're simply expected to, or not to. It's true of other organizations too; patterns of thought become ingrained, and alternative ways of thinking just have a hard time taking root.

Consider the Idaho state Board of Education, recently hand-slapped, sort of, for "a non-knowing violation of the Open Meeting Law." Today reporter Betsy Russell (of the Spokane Spokesman-Review), who filed the initial complaint leading to the AG's action, blogged this:

"The state Board of Education has sent out its schedule for meetings this week, and it includes “open government training” this Wednesday at 3:30 p.m., followed immediately by – you guessed it – a closed-door, executive session at 5 p.m."