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Posts published in “Day: February 21, 2008”

Tamarack, the layout

If the news stories you've seen so far about the bankruptcy filing by the owners of the Tamarack Resort near Donnelly have seemed a little . . . vague, you're not alone. But if the subject is of interest and you want at least a framework for thinking about, help is available.

The Boise Guardian web site asked for some perspective from a bankruptcy attorney, Randy French, and wound up with a solid overview. You won't find definitive answers about what the filing means, but that's largely because too many pieces of the puzzle are not visible. But French does provide the legal and business framework that'll help you make sense of whatever does come next.

The Mannix rationale

Kevin Mannix

Kevin Mannix

Sounding definitive, Jason Williams reports on Oregon Catalyst that former legislator and multi-office candidate Kevin Mannix will go after the Republican nomination for the U.S. House, for the seat being vacated by Democrat Darlene Hooley. The probability has been noted before; this suggests an announcement is imminent. Which would make sense, since the field is yet to fully emerge, and early announcements can sometimes cut off opposition before it develops.

We were more struck, though, by the strategic rationale behind the candidacy: "This has been the result of a long career of activities as a lawmaker, state party chair, statewide candidate for various offices, and promoting many ballot measures for nearly 20 years. It has been speculated that Hooley’s surprise late announcement would handicap a Republican challenger. Mannix’s early name ID and ability to fundraise negates this handicap."

Of course, this being a federal race, the looser Oregon state campaign finance rules aren't applicable, which may mean Mannix' past fundraising approaches may need some adjustment.