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Posts published in “Day: February 15, 2008”

Institutionalized gentrification

As amusing as may be the idea of a war between Jack Bogdanski (of Jack Bog's Blog) and the Portland Mercury's Blogtown may be, the really striking thing in this post was the idea of a blog devoted to the subject of gentrification in Portland.

Turns out, in fact, that Portland Gentrification and Other Problems is well worth the props - some good, sound material here. Sample post heads: "Go East, Young Diversity Statistic"; "Yes I'm A Crackpot - Show'n'tell from the Archives"; "The Flipping Scene 2008; and, Jackpot Gets Bumped."

Joins our blogroll.

LNG getting toward explosive

We'll be back with more on this before long, but for now attention should be paid to the protesters - increasingly loud and angry - of plans to run liquid natural gas lines through Oregon. This is a rising movement, and it has the feel of something just this side of a serious growth curve.

Lead from today's Astoria story on this: "Opponents of a liquefied natural gas terminal near Astoria complained at a public hearing about the number of state and federal agencies involved in the project, saying none has responsibility for a complete project review." Hint, hint.

Yellow, not black and white

Athoughtful read in today's Nicole Brodeur column in the Seattle Times, on the idea - mulled around by Washington legislators - to allow judges to order a special, bright yellow, license plate be affixed to the cars driven by DUI convicts.

Sounds on its face like a reasonable idea, at least in some cases. And after reading the column, it still sounds good - on balance. But even such a simple idea has its nuances. The column is a good runthrough on why public policy so often isn't quite as clearcut as it initially appears.