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Posts published in “Day: February 8, 2008”

Two campaigns, two sets of numbers

Last night, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton arrived at Pier 30 in Seattle for a late-added campaign appearance. It was successful, and enthusiastic, drawing about 5,000 people.

After that start, she hit another event this morning at Tacoma, speaking at the University of Puget Sound to health and nursing students and others on health care. Again, she did more than respectably, drawing close to 5,000 people to her appearance, with local names like former Governor Gary Locke and Senator Maria Cantwell in tow. She put in a solid day's worth of campaigning in Washington; after some early indicators that she might forget about this caucus state, she wound up making a serious personal effort.

Then there was her opponent, Barack Obama, who has a shorter list of endorsees, and made just one appearance (though his wife Michelle was scheduled to appear also in Spokane).

He was set to speak at the KeyArena at 1 p.m. By 11, all 17,000 seats were filled (some reports have it higher), and thousands more people were in line trying to get in. (Obama eventually spoke as well to about 10,000 people who were outside in the cold.) And when the event started, it featured a dramatic endorsement of Obama by Washington's most visible till-now holdout in the primary - Governor Chris Gregoire.

Numbers from the campaign, less than a day before caucus time.