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Posts published in “Day: February 7, 2008”


Aday after largely locking down the Republican presidential nomination, John McCain schedules himself for a stop in - Washington? What would be the reason for that?

Maybe to keep his two remaining, but smaller-scale, opponents - Mike Huckabee nd Ron Paul - from scoring any sort of a PR win. McCain has his hands full trying to avoid rebellion among some categories of conservatives; he now needs to keep his win, won.

The campaign says the "meet & greet" is tomorrow at the downtown Seattle Westin at 6 p.m., press setup most of an hour prior to.

ID: Replacing Romney

Virtually the whole of Idaho's Republican Party, an overwhelming roster of its top elective and party officials, was lined up behind former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney - he'd have had the state in the primary bag if he'd lasted till May. As it is, the field has narrowed to Arizona Senator John McCain with an an overwhelming (probably uncatchable) lead, with former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee and Representative Ron Paul still out there. So what's an Idaho Republican to do?

Bst guess here is that they follow the lead of Lieutenant Governor Jim Risch - a loyal Romney man till now - and switch over to McCain, he being the presumptive nominee.

But we do couch that as a best guess. McCain isn't quite an Idaho kinda Republican - at least not as Idaho Republicans can be reasonably described in this decade. (A decade two or three ago may be another story.) Kevin Richert of the Idaho Statesman has collected some of the many anti-McCain blasts from around the area. One such is from social conservative Bryan Fischer, who based his around the re-nicked "Good-bye Old Party."

Will be curious to see if some block of Idaho Republicans (the Steven Thayn crowd, for example) throw in with Huckabee, or maybe if Ron Paul actually picks up a little more steam. Overall, though, the ever-pragmatic Risch probably is a good indicator most of the establishment will, albeit unenthustically, migrate to McCain.

Who replaces Hooley?

Darlene Hooley

Darlene Hooley

Representative Darlene Hooley's surprise announcement this morning that she's not running for re-election gives Oregon something it hasn't had for years: A truly wide open U.S. House contest.

There didn't seem to be any very specific impetus for the announcement. She said her health was good (a consideration at 68). She has won her last few races convincingly - though not overwhelmingly, her last win clocking in at about 54% - and looked in strong shape for this year. Her campaign treasury has an ample $467,540 on hand.

But her departure is a national rarity this year: A Democratic retirement from a seat that credibly could wind up in the hands of either party. But she pointed out specifically, in early news reports, that this year would be a good time politically - for her party - for a change, since 2008 looks like a strong Democratic year. She may be right that the timing tilts the field a bit.

So what's the picture in the Oregon 5th?

Oregon 5th

Look at the map and the first thing that jumps out is its odd shape, what with the two coastal counties (which tend Democratic) and the remote areas to the east in the Cascades (which tend more Republican). But the core of this district is close to Interstate 5, from the southern edge of Portland in the north down the road through and south of Salem. The bulk of the voters are in western Clackmas County, within a few miles of the Lake Oswego-West Linn-Oregon City-Canby/Wilsonville area, and a few miles to the south, clustered around Salem. (more…)