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Quite the coincidence

Jim Ellick

Jim Ellick

Was just three weeks or so ago, around January 11, when the new director of the Idaho Department of Commerce, Jim Ellick, had a blunt suggestion delivered to some Idaho legislators, and also to reporters.

It concerned the real-world possibility that Micron Technology’s future in Idaho is not an absolute lock. In suggesting that the state consider how it would plan for the alternate possibilities of Micron staying as is or scaling back in Idaho, as he put it to the Idaho Statesman, Micron is “either going to stay and everything’s great or they’re going to leave and everything’s bad.”

Sounds utterly sensible. The only problem was that Ellick’s boss, Governor C.L. .”Butch” Otter, has declined to include in any of his (public, at least) budget, revenue or economic projections any indication of what would happen if, say, Micron moved a substantial portion of its Idaho manufacturing offshore. That appears to be The Subject Which May Not Be Spoken.

Today comes word from the governor’s office that Ellick has taken a leave “for personal reasons” and that his return, if at all, is “open ended.”

Purely coincidental, of course.

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