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Just about everybody: Obama/McCain

The presidential rolls on hard, as newspaper endorsements keep rolling in. Last week, the Seattle Times backed Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination. This week, they go with Arizona Senator John McCain for the Republican: “Arizona Sen. John McCain represents the Republican Party’s best hope for victory in November, and the best opportunity for the country to have an informed, constructive presidential election.”

The often-distinctive Post-Intelligencer isn’t, this time: It too backs Obama and McCain. It’s overal conclusions: “In this history-making race, Sen. Barack Obama is the better choice over his worthy rival, Sen. Hillary Clinton, because of the real prospects he offers for change in domestic policy, the tone of government in Washington, D.C., and the conduct of foreign affairs. We are less enamored of the Republicans. Undisturbed by a wrongly launched war of aggression, the leading contenders have competed to show who would be best at standing by the Bush-Cheney legacy of arrogant intervention. Despite his embrace of a particularly dangerous stance on Iraq, Sen. John McCain stands out on the basis of his forceful climate change position, his independence and his distinguished record of public service.”

Then there’s the Tacoma News Tribune, which also did the Obama and McCain thing: “Obama and McCain are principled, yet possess open minds. Neither carries grudges into policymaking; neither maintains the equivalent of Richard Nixon’s “enemies list.” Both are comfortable dealing with ideological opponents – with anybody, really – and appear capable of being persuaded by good arguments from the other side.”

And the Vancouver Columbian, same story: “One is a war hero, the other an icon of diversity. What could a 71-year-old maverick from Arizona possibly have in common with a 46-year-old uniter from Chicago?”

The Portland Oregonian, meantime, does the same pair of endorsements – Obama and McCain. So far as we can tell, its the only Oregon paper to specifically endorse in the presidential so far (though the Albany Democrat-Herald has opined that “it is heartening” that Obama and McCain have so far beat expectations).

Which also are the same as the largest paper in California (the Los Angeles Times) – a sweep of the coast for those two.

Over in Idaho, the Idaho Statesman hasn’t endorsed (though it has some kind words for Obama’s visit to Boise yesterday.) But the endorsements out so far are striking in their singularity. What will the voters say Tuesday?

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