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Washington statehouse

Washington statehouse

They might not be especially ambitious, but they sure do look busy, as the Olympians get set to crank up this week.

On the prefile list today, we count 222 House bills, four House resolutions, 120 Senate bills and two Senate resolutions – rising fast to 400 pieces of legislation before the first session is gaveled into order. (Compare that with the paltry – and unusual – number of filings in Idaho after a week in session.)

So far, the intro king seems to be Seattle Democratic Senator Ken Jacobsen, proponent of 16 measures covering topics mainly environmental but also ranging to school tests, adulterated pet food and the rights of airline passengers. (That last, Senate Bill 6269, by the way, “finds and declares that the number of passenger complaints about the airline industry has increased significantly. . . . The office of the airline consumer advocate is created in the attorney general’s office. The attorney general shall designate one or more employees to serve in the office.”)

Could be some doings of interest, even if not always on the front burner, at Olympia.

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