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Modest expectations

This is the season of elections and management of expectations: In politics, you’re usually better off setting the bar a little low, then doing better. The Oregon legislative Democrats, hoping (along with a good many Republicans) to make the case for locking in annual Oregon legislative sessions, have a slightly more complex job. They need to set the bar low enough that they won’t fail to jump it, but high enough that this session seems worth doing, and doing again two years from now.

The Democratic Senate and House agendas for the session starting next month generally seem to have about hit that midpoint. Nothing on either sheet is wildly ambitious or extravagant, and not much of it looks controversial or ideological (much less so than going into the 2007 session). Still, acting on the housing debacle seems a reasonably current topic for discussion, and one premature a year ago. Expanded agency oversight will seem a ministerial thing, but worth doing. And other items on the list too sound, if unexciting, then hard to argue with, in most cases on either side of the aisle.

That may have been as intended.

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