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The Portland-New Hampshire connection?

Get this, on the subject of apparent anti-Mormon push polling in New Hampshire . . . mysterious push polling, in that no one seems to know who’s behind it, though the subject obviously is former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, the only presidential candidate who happens to be Mormon. News today includes word that the New Hampshire state attorney general is looking into the situation.

The Northwest connection? From the Talking Points Memo earlier today: “So we’ve got a little more to chew on on that old favorite, the mystery anti-Mormon push polls and who did them. The new info is that the next firm up the food chain is called Moore-Information, based out of Portland, Oregon. They’re fighting the New Hampshire AG’s subpoenas. And they turn out to have at least some ties back to Romney. Back in 2006, when Romney was head of the Republican Governors Association, the great majority of FEC-reported disbursements to Moore came from contracts from the RGA. Remember, other company already in the news, the one Moore-Information hired, Western Wats also had ties to Romney.”

More on this when we see it.

UPDATE A volume of excellent background and perspective on this from Coyote at NW Republican.

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