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Posts published in “Day: January 1, 2008”

Seasonal on the coast

And a Happy New Year to all, and a quick report from the Oregon Coast, battered a month ago by 150 miles winds, and the subject of wire reports that tourist traffic has been down in the wake of those storms.

Basic impression: Some, but not much. We were on the coast a year ago, and we've spent the last few days there (the Lincoln City to Yachats area), and our take is that traffic is down somewhat - not quite so many sold-out rooms for
New Year's, not quite so packed in the casinos, not so much bumper to bumper on 101 - but only to a degree. Mainly, the visiting was just a little easier and more comfortable, but the businesses were doing business.

And the whale watching was spectacular. A year ago, after persistent watching, we saw none. This year, quite a few. On New Year's Eve, as of about 1 p.m., the whale watching station at Depoe Day reported sighting 21 whales so far that day (compared to just four the day before).

And a new year begins. Give it another three days, politics kicks with a bang. But that'll be another post.