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Posts published in “Day: December 15, 2007”

Whither the GOP

Just spent the last hour reading the comments section on the Sound Politics post, "Another one bites the dust" - reference to state Representative Fred Jarrett of Mercer Island, who this week changed his party identification from Republican to Democratic.

The torrent of comments about what that says or doesn't say about the Republican Party, including some pertinent thoughts from former Chair Chris Vance, is well worth a review.

Tolling for thee

Blunt talk from southwest Washington legislators this week, on the subject of a (badly needed) new Interstate 5 bridge across the Columbia River.

We're talking here about a super-expensive project, deep into the billions. So how to finance?

The Vancouver Columbian reports that at a legislative pre-session breakfast, Representative Bill Fromhold, D-Vancouver, said "Tolls are going to be part of the mix." On pretty much every big transport project, henceforth.

And Representative Deb Wallace, D-Vancouver: "If we want the bridge, we're going to have to pay forward."

This thing - it's coming, eventually - is going to be wildly costly. Tolls are one option. But if that doesn't sound like the right idea, the time for activism on alternatives is sooner rather than later.