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Eyman says

Here’s some of what Washington initiative king Tim Eyman had to say about yesterday’s special legislative session, in which lawmakers passed two bills aimed at reducing or deferring taxes:

Your phone calls and letters and emails to legislators brought about this special session. And your phone calls and letters and emails reminded legislators the people were watching. They knew any shenanigans and chicanery would be exposed.

And it worked out beautifully. Even if for only a day, the people pushed and Olympia responded.

Is it what the voters want? No, the voters want a real 1% cap on property tax increases. Gregoire’s bill promises a 1% cap but it doesn’t fulfill that promise. But hey, we’re dealing with Gregoire and the Democrats – they’re amateurs when it comes to tax relief – it is not in their nature – so we’ll take what we can get, even a bill with a huge loophole in it. We’re glass-is-half-full kind of guys. We can’t help but be ecstatic by the results of this special session and you should be too.

There’s something especially delicious about this: I-747 received 58% voter support. But in the special session, it received 91% support from politicians in the state house. It received 81% support from politicians in the state senate. So on this day, politicians supported it by a much higher rate than the voters did. And it was signed into law by a tax-hiking Democrat Governor. What’s not to love about that?

Destined for much republication . . .

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