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Batter up in the WA 4th

George Fearing

George Fearing

Before long we’ll launch our revisable list of candidates for major office in the Northwest, so we’ve been watching to see who we might have missed. And ran across one this morning.

George Fearing, an attorney from Richland, is running for the Democratic nomination to take on Republican Representative Doc Hastings, who has consistently won with strong margins since his first election in 1994.

The major piece on Fearing’s efforts so far has shown up on Evergreen Politics, which has posted a sizable interview with him. It makes for an interesting profile of a conventional Tri-Cities attorney at a mostly Republican law firm (whose clients, he says, include Hastings), who also sees fit to visit the Yearly Kos event and mingle with Seattle bloggers, while getting his campaign launched (much earlier than most other challengers). Worth a read.

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