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A Melaleuca report



Readers in Idaho even more than those in the Puget Sound may find of interest (hat tip here to one of our Idaho readers) a piece in the Seattle Weekly about the Idaho Falls company Melaleuca, and its top executive, Frank VanderSloot.

It’s a good backgrounder on a company and a man playing a large and growing role in Idaho politics. The article points out some of VanderSloot’s political involvement and his long-time support for Senator Larry Craig. It did leave out, though, the most recent bit of news, that Republican Lieutenant Governor Jim Risch, who is running to succeed Craig in the Senate, leased a Melaleuca aircraft in his state-hop for campaign announcement. The close involvement continues.

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  1. TheUnheardOnes TheUnheardOnes March 9, 2008

    How does this guy with the big plane treat his marketing executives? Go here:

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