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Minnick apparently in

Looks like the Idaho 1st district Democratic contest will in fact be a three-way: Walt Minnick, the Boise businessman who ran for the Senate in 1996, evidently is about to announce his entry.

An emailer advises us of an alert about a campaign announcement next Wednesday at Coeur d’Alene (we assume this would be one of several) for the Minnick campaign kickoff, “to attend and hear why Walt Minnick wants to be your next congressman!”

We note also that a number of web domains with word variations on “Walt,” “Minnick” and “Congress” have been swept up by a Boise administrator; appears that the web name will be “”

Larry Grant
, who ran for the seat last year and lost to Republican Bill Sali, also is in, seeking a rematch. (Notable: According to the mail we received, Minnick’s announcement will be attended by – and presumably supported by – former Governor Cecil Andrus, who was a key Grant supporter last year.) And Rand Lewis of Moscow also has been in for several months.

No immediate thoughts on how this will play out . . .

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