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Posts published in “Day: October 18, 2007”

Shifting balances

We haven't gotten particularly interested in the new revisions of public statements on just how much money the '08 campaign of Representative Dave Reichert has. His spokesman's explanation that it was an honest error - albeit one that mistakenly resulted in his campaign seeming to out-raise Democratic challenger Darcy Burner - may hold up.

But Daniel Kirkdorffer, a blogger who has been tracking 8th district campaign funding in some detail, has a larger picture that suggests some change in the contours of the congressional race:

We have a year to go, but unlike in 2005, when Reichert held a 10 to 1 money advantage at this point, this time both candidates are heading into the next 12 months essentially neck and neck in the fundraising race, with an edge to Burner due to her having more cash on hand, far less disbursements by not having any left over debt from the last election cycle to retire, and a greater upside in small donors that can be tapped further over the coming months. Reichert has 25% less cash on hand as he did at this point in 2005 despite Bush's help, while Darcy Burner has 842% more than she did at the same point in the last race.

Hip Portland

Evidently - according to a post in the Slog, admitted anecdotal but still interesting - Portland is becoming the talk of the Big Apple. But what reason exactly, doesn't seem clear. But nonetheless.

Conclusion: "It felt like when I first went to New York, in the late 1990s, when talking about the Northwest inevitably meant talking about a certain hip new city. Back then it was my city, Seattle. Now it seems to be our southern neighbor."

But see also the comments.