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Baird at Olympia, etc.

Not long after our first post on Washington Representative Brian Baird‘s August 27 town hall meeting at Vancouver, we fielded a comment from a reader questioning whether the local response there – to Baird’s urging for more time for the troops in Iraq – was as harsh as we portrayed it. (We weren’t clear in reading it whether that person had attended or not.)

We definitely think it was. Today, we saw an item in the Olympian, about a Biard town hall at Capitol High School at Olympia on Friday, that sounds like a rerun of Vancouver.

The Brad Shannon article started: “It started with a few chants of ‘bring them home.’ And for most of the next four hours, U.S. Rep. Brian Baird did what he could to explain to a sometimes-boisterous crowd why he favors keeping U.S. troops in Iraq for a longer term. . . . Several people in the crowd of more than 200 at a town hall meeting at Capital High School said they had supported Baird but probably won’t in the future. And they weren’t convinced Baird had outlined a valid, continuing U.S. interest in Iraq.”

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