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Uneasy predictors

Never, never is it safe to predict conclusively who will get the nod when there’s an appointment, by a governor or president or some other official, in the works. Such as today’s appointment to the Idaho Supreme Court.

The Idaho Supreme Court, with its most recent departure – Justice Linda Copple Trout – lost the last justice who is a woman, and who has strong legal and personal experience in the northern part of the state – anywhere north of Boise. Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter had before him four candidates, two of whom were women (both, Darla Williamson and Juneal Kerrick, experienced district judges) and a veteran a well-connected attorney from the Panhandle (Kenneth Howard of Coeur d’Alene). We’d have guessed one of those three for the slot.

Otter’s choice: The fourth, an Ada County district judge, Joel Horton.

Not that we have a problem with that: Horton is a well-regarded judge, and we’re of the opinion that such qualities as geography and gender should take back seat to professional considerations.

A message to all those angling to figure who Otter will (likely) pick as the new U.S. senator from Idaho: Good luck.

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