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Posts published in “Day: September 15, 2007”

Medford sun

Maybe there's something here - at Medford - that some others might usefully check out: A massive solar power farm located at a sewage treatment plant which would take up a large chunk of the city's power requirements.

At the moment, this is an all-Oregon thing: The company putting this together for the city of Medford is the SunEnergy Power Corporation, which has been doing solar work internationally. Its' self-description on its web site: "SunEnergy Power Corporation develops investment portfolios of distributed commercial-scale solar electric power projects in the U.S. to directly fund and implement humanitarian renewable energy projects in remote, rural regions of the world."

And Medford?

From the news report: "The idea came about after Medford City Councilman Al Densmore approached SunEnergy Power Corp. and asked the company to submit a draft proposal. The solar panels would generate about 80 percent of the power the water reclamation plant purchases from Pacific Power. There would be no capital or maintenance costs to the city. The plan is projected to save the city about $33,000 annually in its first year, $46,000 annually in its sixth year, and around $154,000 annually in its 30th year."