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Clinton’s Oregon group

First question about the new Hilary Clinton committee in Oregon (reflected on this site’s presidential endorsements page) is, where’s Darlene Hooley? The 5th district representative was the first public figure to endorse Clinton, yet she’s nowhere on the list of the new Oregon committee, while a number of much less well known names are.

The second noticeable thing is the relative overall absence of elected officials – complete absence of officials elected as Democrats. There’s Erik Sten, of the Portland city council (a nonpartisan office), and Sue Shaffer, elected as chair of the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians; but most of the list is made up of activists (though who are, as promoted, scattered widely around the state). The closest link to a major elected official is the committee’s chair, Josh Kardon, who is chief of staff for Senator Ron Wyden. (Should we draw from this a conclusion that Wyden is unofficially in the Clinton camp, or is that a jump too far?)

Unusual number of questions that abound, for such a simple announcement.

IN WASHINGTON Fewer questions, though, about the endorsement from King County Executive Ron Sims, who was also named a state co-chair (with Representative Jay Inslee). Her Washington group is small as yet – Representative Norm Dicks is the other endorsee – but they’re strong names to have.

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