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Posts published in “Day: September 3, 2007”

McKenna’s take

Rob McKenna

Rob McKenna

Notable tidbits from Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna on Thursday, when he chatted with the editorial board of the Tacoma News Tribune. Three worth some attention here.

One: That Dino Rossi is definitely re-running for governor. No shock there, certainly, though the long-running coy routine has long since worn old. Two: That Republicans are a "damaged brand," and that will hurt Republicans generally next year, including Rossi.

Three: On his own campaign for re-election. McKenna hasn't been seen as at serious personal political risk, and we'd generally conclude he's in strong shape for re-election. (We also continue to see him as one of the strongest Republican prospects in Washington for top-tier offices, in a few more years.) But he and the board did discuss a bit one prospective race and opponent: Pierce County Executive John Ladenburg, who seems to be positioning himself for a move somewhere into the statewide ranks. Of him, McKenna remarked,"he's told other people he thinks I'm doing a pretty good job. I think I'm doing a pretty good job, too."

RSR transition time

Transition time for one of Idaho's oldest political blogs (almost four years old), and still one of its most-read - Red State Rebels, blogging from the left.

Julie Fanselow, who also has been doing blogging work for political campaigns, is moving into a new non-political job: "Because this work is nonpartisan, I have decided the time is right to retire Red State Rebels in its current incarnation. I plan to launch a new, multi-author version of RSR sometime soon – and then mostly back away. I will leave the RSR archives online as a historical record of the past four years."