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Posts published in “Day: August 30, 2007”

Craig’s options, in contrarian

Larry Craig

Larry Craig

Aconsensus seems to have set in on Idaho Senator Larry Craig, three days after his arrest and guilty plea in Minneapolis went public. There's a pretty broad view now: Craig should resign, soon, and the idea of actually running for term - a prospect Craig himself maintained at his Tuesday press conference - should be completely off the table.

This isn't just the four Idaho newspapers that have (so far) called for his resignation, or the three (thus far) Republican members of Congress or the conservative activists who have done likewise. It's also public measurement, the 55% of Idahoans in a Survey USA who turned thumbs down, and the overwhelming majorities in online (self-selected, but now days-old) polls at the Spokane and Lewiston newspaper sites, calling for immediate resignation. And (to be clear), we do think it likely that the senator will resign before long. We also think the cases laid out in each of the newspaper editorials are solidly argued.

Does that mean Craig's options are foreclosed, that he cannot do other than resign and leave politics - or that there's no argument in favor of doing otherwise?

No. Maybe only as an exercise in contrarianism, but also in recognition that the actions of any single person aren't entirely predictable, let's consider the alternative options, and the case for them.

We start by noting this: The choice is his.