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MacPherson’s in

Greg MacPherson

Greg MacPherson

Representative Greg MacPherson wasted no time – barely a day after incumbent Democratic Attorney General Hardy Myers said he would retire, fellow Democrat MacPherson formally said he’s in the race. Not only that, his web site is already up – the man was prepared.

That may not be enough to scare off all primary competition; word still is that law professor John Kroger will join in shortly. But there is a sense here of hitting the ground running here.

For now, we’ll make only the suggestion that MacPherson’s campaign may be tied to some extent to the Measure 49 (the Measure 37 land use scaleback) ballot issue. His links to the issue run deep, not only in his own legislative career, but also that of his father, former state Senator Hector Macpherson, who was one of the creators of the land use law Measure 37 took on. And make the note that his Lake Oswego-based House seat, which has held solidly enough till now, may become hotly competitive next year – one of the few uplifting pieces of political news Oregon Republicans have gotten this year.

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