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OR AG: Myers is out

Hardy Myers

Hardy Myers

In the extensive roster of departing electeds in Oregon, put Attorney General Hardy Myers in the “expected” category; he cites age (he’ll be 69 in 2008) and longevity – 12 years in the office.

As a candidate for re-election, Myers has had the assets of staying out of trouble and sound legislative experience (as a former House speaker), but a firey ball of charisma he isn’t; in that, he’s a fair argument for the natural head start Democrats have in running statewide these days.

That may be why immediate interest seems to settle on two Democrats as prospects for the race: state Representative Greg MacPherson, D-Lake Oswego, a major figure in the last session (a significant player on land use), and John Kroger, a law professor at Lewis & Clark College who has never run for office but has a fascinating professional history. Reportedly, both have some interest in the race.

No Republicans yet; don’t expect that field to remain empty for long.

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