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Clog, the blog

I-5 jam

Traffic this morning on I-5/Washington Dept Transportation

Okay, this probably makes sense: A blog – albeit media blog, from the Seattle Timesdevoted to the construction-generated traffic slowdowns on I-5 at Seattle. (Oop – we just wrote that name as “Settle,” which some may say would be appropriate.)

But how necessary will it be?

People around Seattle have been dreading this, the construction-required lane closures and shutdowns projected to make already-bad traffic much worse. There’s been no lack of warning and recommended alternative routes; as far south as Portland, the Oregonian ran a fairly detailed piece on the situation. (Which, to be sure, lasts just 19 days.)

Friday, the work began, people started holding their breath – and then exhaled. Early reports – weekend reports, true, but still – seem to be that so far, it isn’t that bad. At least, the traffic cams so far seem to say so . . .

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