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Posts published in “Day: August 10, 2007”

A blogger’s call for a Simpson primary

The conservative Adam's Blog (Adam Graham) caught some attention with this take: "I would hope that at some point a true Conservative would challenge Simpson in the primary. Maybe they wouldn’t win, but a significant showing might make Congressman Simpson more circumspect."

About? Essentially, about spending (and prompted by a Club For Growth report on federal spending; Idaho's other House member, Bill Sali, gets a much more favorable rating in the report than Simpson; Sali was a CFG-backed candidate last year). Graham writes: "Doubtless some Republicans will feel me disloyal to the party in making these comments. Well, Congressman Simpson has been disloyal to me as his constituent in wasting my taxpayer dollars and refusing to reign in spending. Congressman Simpson is part of a bi-partisan group leading our country to fiscal catastrophe, taking my hard-earned money and spending it on nonsense. This is an issue that’s too important to shut up about and play nice."

Will others pick up the standard?

Signs of Paul

We pay some attention, as most observers of politics do, to the signage candidates develop during campaign season. We factor it in, but filter it: Signs are useful indicators, but only to a point, and they can be misleading.

Case in point in eastern Washington, where a small forest of Ron Paul yard signs has been sprouting. And if the name doesn't quite ring a bell . . . which it may not . . . Paul is one of the lesser-known Republican candidates for president, and a Texas who has been a member of the U.S House on an off, and previously (1988) a Libertarian Party candidate for president. And he is the one distinctly anti-war candidate among the Republicans running this year.

He is not a frontrunner, and he does not have a massive organization. But people in eastern Washington, where he does have some determined supporters, are finding out about him, via Robert Chase, a Libertarian from Liberty Lake (you gotta love that), who himself once ran for the U.S. House, in 2002. Jim Camden's Spin Control blog has the background.