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Posts published in “Day: August 8, 2007”

And Spokane is Homeland secure

Darin Earl Wanless was a security guard for the federal government, assigned to watch atop the federal courthouse at Spokane. In the interest of enhancing homeland security, he was given the use of various pieces of equipment, including strongly-powered cameras.

What he did with that equipment on the evening of May 31 and evidently on a number of other occasions as well, the Spokane Spokesman-Review reports, was to "watch women undress in the West 809 condominiums at Main and Lincoln and the Davenport Hotel, a block away from the courthouse at Sprague and Lincoln, court documents say."

Since his approach to security surveillance was uncovered by his superiors, he has been charged with four counts of felony voyeurism (hadn't known that was a felony) and no longer guards the courthouse roof. Secure Solutions LLC, which provides the security guards for the courthouse, has replaced him. Do we all feel more secure now?

AFTERWORD Did the mention of Secure Solutions LLC get your attention? Let's pause and take a look. (More below the fold) (more…)