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Posts published in “Day: August 7, 2007”

Idaho, on the D side

Republicans in Idaho seem to have made their choice for president. Not only an overwhelming number of elected officials but, indications are, plenty of other Republicans as well seem to be in the Mitt Romney camp. However many other states he may have, the former Massachusetts governor evidently has Idaho locked down.

But what about Idaho Democrats?

Supporters for John Edwards and Hillary Clinton can be found, but indications now are that Barack Obama seems to be surging. The candidate himself was recently nearby, at a rural issues conference at Elko, Nevada, and drew a strong response there (considering that Elko is, after all, heavily Republican).

Red State Rebels has an enlightening report on a recent Obama staffer appearance in Boise: "Pengilly's was packed Monday afternoon to greet Raul Alvillar, Western region political director for the Barack Obama campaign. Fresh from Obama appearances this weekend in Salt Lake City and Elko, Nevada, Alvillar said that although no Idaho campaign stops are certain, he'll be working hard to get Obama to Boise. Close to 100 people showed up at the historic Boise saloon to welcome Obama's emissary. People bought Obama Ts and signed up to volunteer on the campaign (see below). At one point, organizers asked people inside to move up so people waiting on the sidewalk could get in."

The site quoted Alvillar as saying "I want to have an event here for Barack with 10,000-plus," noting the heavy recent turnout for former Vice President Al Gore.