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Krummel is out

Jerry Krummel

Jerry Krummel

As in other instances, not a shock, the announcement today that Oregon Representative Jerry Krummel, R-Wilsonville, will not run again in 2008. Not a shock, but maybe the sheer number of departing legislators is beginning to startle. (Merkley, Minnis, Brown, Gordly, Scott, Deckert – due to employment change – probably Nelson . . .) By comparison, few retirements have been announced in either Idaho or Washington. And bear in mind that retirements need not be announced for most of another year.

Krummel has served five terms and been elected five times. He won in 2006 with 58.8% over a desultory Democratic challenge, and the same percentage in 2004 – solid enough albeit not an indication of prohibitive partisan strength. If 2008 is another Democratic wave year, might this be an open seat Democrats could realistically target? Very possibly.

Over on the Republican Oregon Catalyst blog, comes the concerned comment: “Hmmm… are any Democrats retiring?” Answer is, yes, but evidently not as many, or in as many sensitive locations.

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