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Every year a bad fire year

Maybe it feels more extreme in Idaho, since Idaho is so overwhelmingly the center of big, serious wildfires (so far) this year. But we suspect the point Idaho Statesman writer Rocky Barker is making on his blog does have broader application.

After an interview with a manager at the National Interagency Fire Center (at Boise), Barker was prompted to write this: “With six out of the eight years among the worst 10 fire seasons since 1960, firefighters are living, he said in a new world. It’s a world where every year is what we call a bad fire season. The indefinitely bad season, he called it. I am hearing fire experts tell me they are seeing fire behavior they’ve never seen before. That’s scary. The last time I heard that was in late August, 1988 when fire bosses told me the same thing.”

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