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The view at Starbuck

Starbuck, Washington

Starbuck, Washington

Nope, nothing happening here, nothing much anyway, which is just as it’s supposed to be. Welcome to Starbuck, Washington, one of those small communities in the state where there is, in fact, no Starbuck’s.

There is coffee for sale, and some other conveniences, but when the main businesses that stick out seem to have to do with fishing and RVs, and maybe a few that relate to serving farm operations, you know you’re out in the country.

We were on route visiting southeast Washington courthouses today and, though Starbuck is a few miles off the path, we couldn’t resist stopping by. We’d never checked it out before; it was worth the excursion. Quiet, pretty, and just the kind of shaded place to stop by on a sweltering summer day. If we’d had a fishing pole we might not have made it to Pomeroy.

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