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Closing that primary

Increasingly looks as if Idahoans are going to have to choose their parties if they’re going to vote in primaries – the closed primary system.

We don’t think a majority of Idahoans would like the concept – to the contrary. But we take this quote, from the Coeur d’Alene Press by former state Senator Rod Beck, very seriously: “We now have a party rule that is in conflict with state statute. The only way to resolve that conflict is to have a court declare that statute unconstitutional.”

We noted in a past post that the Idaho Legislature is unlikely to do that, but Beck’s implication here is on target: A court probably would. Courts in a string of other states, including Washington, already have. Confirmation comes from Secretary of State Ben Ysursa – Idaho’s long-time elections guru – who said that a lawsuit was “inevitable” and that the current relatively open primary voting system will be hard to defend in court.

We half suspect the papers are being drawn as you read this . . .

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  1. Rod Beck Rod Beck June 25, 2007


    I fully suspect you might be right. Stay tuned

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