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The image of the virgin at Twin Falls

We should not leave unnoted – how could we? – the reports this week of the Virgin Mary siting at Twin Falls.

From the Times-News: “Late Monday night, a man left a message at the Times-News saying he’d seen an image of the Virgin Mary on a rock at Shoshone Falls. He did not return calls made on Tuesday to the number he’d left. However, along the winding road leading to the falls, a handmade cross rests against the base of a massive basalt slab – on which appears a human-like figure. It’s under the only tree along the road.”

The paper posted a picture of the rock in question (it appears at the link above); to our eyes, it simply looks like a colorful stain.

But perhaps it depends (as the Roman Catholic clergyman at Immaculate Conception Church at Buhl suggested) at least in part on what you’re looking for.

On the front page of the Times News site is a list of the most recent reader comments, which suggests area topics of concern: “On this parade controversy [concerning a gay orgainzation’s float]: Can we stop the hatred?; Accepting discrimination like this is outrageous; Religious miracle or natural phenomenon?; Push for homosexuality support worth fighting; Becoming ‘pobody’; Being homosexual is not a choice; DOE’s rich tapestry of broken promises; People at heart of parade angst are your neighbors . . .”

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