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Posts published in “Day: June 22, 2007”

Clinton gets one

Hillary Clinton at diner

from the Clinton 'Sopranos' ad

The Democratic frontrunner, New York Senator Hillary Clinton, finally has a Northwest public figure in her camp. So, of the top three candidates on each side in the race (Fred Thompson isn't formally in the race yet - though he does have blog/radio support), all now have someone backing them in the Northwest.

She has not, until now, in any of the three Northwest states. But today came word that Washington Representative Jay Inslee has signed on, and was named chair of her energy committee.

Of Washington's 11 members of Congress, just three - Inslee for Clinton, Democrat Adam Smith for Barack Obama, and Republican Dave Reichert for Rudy Giuliani - have declared support for a candidate. How long will the other eight hold out?