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A Democratic crowd

Afew months back, 2006 Democratic congressional candidate Larry Grant, who lost to Republican Bill Sali in Idaho’s 1st House district, seemed to be rolling unopposed for the nomination to a rerun in 2008. (He has not formally announced, but is broadly presumed to be in the running, and has not discouraged the presumption.)

Matters have changed. An educator at Moscow, Rand Lewis, said last winter he plans to run in that primary as well. Then came last Sunday’s blast from Idaho Statesman columnist Dan Popkey, who recounted a string of self-induced problems from Grant’s campaign last year along with his determination that the campaign was run, essential, just right. That seems to have jogged loose some additional Democratic interest.

The New West site is reporting this afternoon that Walt Minnick, a Boise businessman who in 1996 ran against Republican Senator Larry Craig, is interested in the 1st district Democratic nomination, at least to the point that people on his behalf are calling around to gauge interest. That doesn’t mean he’s necessarily running, of course. But it does tell you something about the present mindset of Idaho Democrats, as regards the Sali race.

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  1. Mike Kennedy Mike Kennedy June 22, 2007

    If Walt Minnick decides to run, the Democrats will have a chance to back one of the most decent, honorable, smart, successful, competent, humble, and loyal people I have ever known.

    With no disrespect to either Larry Grant, whom I like, or Rand Lewis, who is an impressively smart and competent professional, if Walt Minnick runs he should be the nominee.

    I had the privilege of working as Field Director on Walt’s unsuccessful Senate campaign in 1996, and since then I have had many political experiences in Idaho politics, including winning a contentious election myself in a tough political environment. But I learned more about success in life, personal discipline, and professional integrity from Walt Minnick than anyone else I’ve ever worked with, bar none.

    In politics winning requires a candidate who is self-aware, respects the people, understands campaigns, listens to good advice, rejects bad advice, and more than anything else will work 24×7 on the right tasks. I can personally attest that Walt has those critical character traits in spades.

    I’m somewhat surprised that Walt might even consider running for office, because he does not even remotely need politics at this stage of his impressive career. But maybe that’s exactly what we need right now – a leader who is beholden to no one and has the towering integrity to speak truth to power – competently and effectively.

    My more than a decade-long friendship with him assures me that Democrats could not possibly do any better in fielding a candidate than supporting a man like Walt Minnick.


    Mike Kennedy
    Coeur d’Alene City Council

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