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Posts published in “Day: June 9, 2007”

Incumbent trouble?

We'd kind of taken notice about the sometimes unconventional direction local elections in Seattle seem to be taking, but it didn't hit home under we saw this by Joel Connelly in the Seattle P-I political blog:

"The political arm of the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce has stiff-armed incumbents, and embraced insurgents, in this year's races for Seattle port commissioner and the Seattle School Board. In endorsements made final Friday morning, the Alki Foundation spurned both a critic and a defender of the controversial, just-concluded tenure of port CEO Mic Dinsmore."

More exploration is needed on this.

Falling apart

Last Sunday we posted on the suggestions of scandal, originating in several reports in the Portland Oregonian, swirling around Senator Betsy Johnson, D-Scappoose. We suggested that while she did err (as she acknowledged) in failing to report to the state a personal real estate transaction, that allegations beyond that - mainly indicating she was finagling self-dealing legislation - seemed unfounded.

We didn't pursue it much beyond that original post, but others have, and have found a series of holes in the allegations from the Oregonian and other sources.

Especially we'd note the spadework done out at Loaded Orygun, following up on our indications and going beyond. (LO had a kind reference back here: ". . . start by referencing Randy Stapilus at Ridenbaugh Press, who wrote the article that got us thinking there may be more than met the eye at first.") After checking out the context of the story, LO wrote, "Let's say that a couple of legs propping up the 'Johnson as corrupt greedhead' meme have developed some termites." LO tracked down records showing that a key part of Johnson's story - that legislation wasn't needed to provide a key benefit to a land purchase - held up.

The next day LO followed up again ("The O piece on Betsy Johnson continues to unravel") saying that one implication easily drawn from an early Oregonian story on the case, that Johnson only acknowledged her land transaction after the paper called her on it, was not true. And today, still in more, in "More holes in reporting on Betsy Johnson."

The Oregonian hasn't followed up for a number of days. Will there be a response?