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A crime study: high, getting lower

Longview crime

Police calls at Longview

Significant changes without an obvious matching significant cause are always worth note, and you can see a good case in the odd spikings of crime statistics at Longview.

The Daily News story on the recent police statistical report on recent shifts in reported crime. In 2003, it spiked – way up – and now has dropped fast, by 24%.

That’s speaking generally. The department’s presentation on the crime stats also notes what look like some anomalies:

–- Since 2003, overall Part 1 crimes [“such as homicide, forcible rape,aggravated assault, robbery, burglary, larceny, motor vehicle theft, and arson”] have been reduced by a significant 24%.
–– Since 2003 Arrests for drug offenses are up by 16%. Since 2003 drug arrests have increased by 106%.
–– DUI arrests are up to 158 in 2006 from a previous 105 in 2005.
–– Arrests for vandalism are up 65% compared to 2005.
–– Arrests for liquor law violations are up 69% compared to 2005.
–– Traffic citations are up 95%.

Not sure how all these pieces fit.

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